The world’s most effective ‘Celebrity Facial Treatment’ uses the most natural source “oxygen” to push nourishing and hydrating serums deep into the skin to help promote youthful contours.

As we mature our skin becomes thin, dry and wrinkled resulting in poor blood circulation delivering not enough oxygen and nutrients to the deepest layer of the skin. The Leo De Luxe facial gives the U.K its first Diamond Head Oxyfusion technique in Microdermabrasion, also offering CryO2, red and blue light technology alongside the original and patented Oxyjet pressure injection, spraying and breathing.

This luxurious facial is toxin free and uses natural ingredients that help penetrate deep into the skin to plump fine lines and to diminish facial wrinkles and expression lines by restoring the elasticity and promoting collagen production through the deposit of a cocktail of active ingredients using medical oxygen to help give a smoother complexion, great for the formation of lines in the eye area, forehead and around the mouth.

Depending on what your skin needs as a way of a mask treatment a choice of either a Aloe Vera Collagen Mask or a Caviar Collagen Mask is then applied while you relax even further with Oxyaroma where concentrated medical oxygen and essential oils are delivered via the nasal by a breathing mask to revitalise and re-energise the body, mind and soul, this treatment offers the ultimate in pure relaxation from the inside out, a completely natural facial treatment.


Essential Oils used and their Benefits:


Delicate floral oil with a hint of refreshing orange and lemon. Perfect for reducing stress; balances the mind, body and soul. Generally uplifting.


The most loving of all oils. Literally soothes away aches and pains but also has sedative benefits to assist with insomnia.


Refreshing and mentally stimulating oil to boost the circulatory system to provide the perfect start for any workout.


This uplifting oil stimulates the lymphatic system so is a perfect accompaniment to any weight loss or detox programme.


Nature’s cleanser; an ideal remedy for colds, sinus problems and seasickness.


This sweet floral oil balances the hormones and is particularly useful for emotional stress and PMT.

  • 60 minutes £150