This treatment places emphasis firmly on the back, it comprises of a deep cleanse with extractions and/or diamond tip microdermabrasion, complete with a hydrating mask. Leaving you hydrated and smooth.

  • 60 minutes £100


The Ballancer offers an effective answer to many body issues. It's a versatile, relaxing and invigorating compression therapy system that has been adapted from the proven principles of manual lymphatic drainage.

With its origins in the medical field, The Ballancer is designed to give real results on cellulite as well as slimming the silhouette, firming, toning and smoothing the skin; giving volume reduction on legs, abdomen and buttocks.

From a detox viewpoint The Ballancer massage benefits the immune system and encourages the removal of toxic build-up throughout the lymph system.

  • £100 60 minutes 
  • £80 when combined with a facial 

Hot Wax Hair Removal

An essential service that will leave you feeling smooth and fuzz free using wax that is formulated with pure bees' wax – great for all areas.

A calming gel is applied after waxing to minimize irritation and calm the skin.

  • Full Back £85 | Neck area £35
    Half Back £50 | Lower Back from £25
  • Full leg £70 | Thigh £55 | Half leg £40
  • Bikini from £30
  • Full Arm £45 | Forearm £35
    Underarm from £28
  • Full Face £55 | Lip / Chin from £24


  • Tweezing / Wax (Hot Wax) from £25        
  • Eyebrow Tinting £24
  • Eyelash Tinting 15 minutes £30



Epil Pro Hair Removal

Epil pro is relatively pain-free and uses static energy and sound waves to destroy the papillary cells at the hair root and prevent re-growth.

Unlike electrolysis it is suitable for all skin types and conditions. Epil pro has none of the common side effects such as burning, scabbing, pigmentation or pitting. Make up can be worn 10 minutes after treatment – no redness or soreness to the skin. Repeat visits will be necessary to fully clear the area.

  • 10 minutes £25.00
  • 20 minutes £40.00
  • 30 minutes £50.00
  • 60 minutes £100.00

*A course of treatment is recommended every 2-3 weeks.